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Band's Bio
Formed in 2001, Utah
Genre alternative rock, pop-punk, post-hardcore, screamo
Band members Bert McCracken, Dan Whitesides, Jeph Howard, Quinn Allman
Albums The Used (debut, 2002), Lies for the Liars, In Love and Death, etc.
Singles "All That I've Got", "The Bird and the Worm", "Blood on My Hands", etc.

The Used merchandise

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Skellmask women's t-shirt
The Used - Skellmask women's t-shirt
On sale: $19.99
SKU: 00094GST01
Strangled Heart shirt
The Used - Strangled Heart shirt
On sale: $19.99
SKU: 90021TSM01
Angel t-shirt
The Used - Angel t-shirtClearance sale
On sale: $19.99
SKU: 00091TSF01

Chickenmonster t-shirt
The Used - Chickenmonster t-shirtClearance sale
On sale: $18.95
SKU: 00562TST01
Collage Face tshirt
The Used - Collage Face tshirtClearance sale
On sale: $18.95
SKU: 00432TST01

High End women's full-zip hoodie
The Used - High End women's full-zip hoodieClearance sale
On sale: $49.99
SKU: 00441HDZ01
Jumbo Logo t-shirt
The Used - Jumbo Logo t-shirtClearance sale
On sale: $18.95
SKU: 00438TST01
New Logo t-shirt
The Used - New Logo t-shirtClearance sale
On sale: $19.95
SKU: 00546TST01

Plague women's tee shirt
The Used - Plague women's tee shirtClearance sale
On sale: $18.99
SKU: 00561GST01
Strangled Heart hoodie
The Used - Strangled Heart hoodie
On sale: $44.99
SKU: 90021HDM01
Winged Eye t-shirt
The Used - Winged Eye t-shirtClearance sale
On sale: $18.95
SKU: 00560TST01

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