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Band's Bio
Formed in 1978, England
Genre hardcore punk
Band members Colin Abrahall, Colin "Jock" Blyth,Ross Lomas, Scott Preece
Albums City Baby Attacked By Rats (debut, 1982), Church of the Truly Warped, Perfume and Piss, etc.

G.B.H. merchandise

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Live Photo t-shirt
Charged G.B.H. - Live Photo t-shirt
On sale: $19.99
SKU: 20034TST01
Logo beanie
G.B.H - Logo beanie
On sale: $18.99
SKU: M0018ABC01
Catch 23 t-shirt
G.B.H. - Catch 23 t-shirt
On sale: $19.99
SKU: M0012TST01

Charged City Rockers women's tshirt
G.B.H. - Charged City Rockers women's tshirt
On sale: $19.99
SKU: M0019GST01
Colin women's t-shirt
G.B.H. - Colin women's t-shirtClearance sale
On sale: $19.99
SKU: M0020GST01
Give Me Fire tshirt
G.B.H. - Give Me Fire tshirt
On sale: $19.99
SKU: M0013TST01

Logo hoodie
G.B.H. - Logo hoodie
On sale: $49.99
SKU: M0016HDZ01
Midnight Madness hoodie
G.B.H. - Midnight Madness hoodie
On sale: $49.99
SKU: M0017HDP01
Midnight Madness women's shirt
G.B.H. - Midnight Madness women's shirt
On sale: $19.99
SKU: M0021GST01

No Survivors tee shirt
G.B.H. - No Survivors tee shirt
On sale: $19.99
SKU: M0014TST01
Skull t-shirt
G.B.H. - Skull t-shirt
On sale: $19.99
SKU: M0015TST01

Please, browse a cool selection of G.B.H. merchandise: full-zip hooded sweatshirts, rare shirts, women's tunics, and accompanying items. Some hard-to-find vintaged pigment-dyed products. We carry items in wide selection of sizes including kids and even 3XL. Play with diverse filter options to reduce product selection by size, style, color, etc.
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